Redskins Hit And Miss Throughout The Draft

Created on Apr. 30, 2013 9:45 AM EST

Round 5, No. 162: DE Brandon Jenkins, Florida State

Elite pass rushers and defensive backs were BFFs before having a BFF was cool (or completely annoying). Nothing boosts a pass-rushers sack total like a group of defensive backs that can swarm like gnats, and nothing rescues a defensive back roasted by a double move like an edge pass-rusher strolling into the backfield with bad intentions. I suppose there wasn’t much love among the defense last year because the Redskins couldn’t cover or rush the passer with any consistency. After addressing the secondary in rounds two and four, Jenkins’ selection is an attempt to address the latter deficiency.

Jenkins, 6-foot-2 and roughly 250 pounds, projects as an outside linebacker in defensive coordinator Jim Haslett’s 3-4 scheme. With the four-game suspension of OLB Rob Jackson and Brian Orakpo’s twice-repaired pectoral muscle, Jenkins adds needed depth to a critical position in a 3-4 defense.

But what is up with the Redskins’ sudden infatuation with injured draft picks? Like fellow Florida State Seminole and fifth-rounder Christopher Thompson, Jenkins is also coming off a season-ending injury — specifically a lisfranc injury to his foot. Provided his health holds up, Jenkins will have an opportunity to contribute. And here’s another reason to keep an eye on Jenkins: he was acquired with the pick the Redskins fleeced from the Patriots for…Albert Haynesworth. Who, outside of residents of the northeast and a certain Brazilian supermodel, aren’t rooting for someone to get one over on Bill Belichick?

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