Redskins Hit And Miss Throughout The Draft

Created on Apr. 30, 2013 9:53 AM EST

Final Expressions Of Outrage

I disliked the Redskins draft; that’s what you’re thinking based on the overriding analytical tone. However, that hasty conclusion is incorrect. The ‘Skins did a solid job of selecting seven talented players in a ho-hum draft that figured to be just that absent of a first-round pick. To a man, the 2013 draft class is comprised of potential playmakers, all with the ability to provide tremendous return for the draft pick invested.

It’s the positions addressed — or more directly those not addressed — that left me scratching my dome. Mike Shanahan’s draft was clearly focused on acquiring the best available talent. That’s a sound strategy, but need and an eye on the final 53-man roster has to inject some influence.

I’ll get to the point: it is unconscionable, considering Robert Griffin III’s recovery, the mediocre play at right tackle last year and the lack of young, quality depth along the offensive line — particularly at tackle — that the ‘Skins never saw fit to draft an offensive lineman. Not one. Not a tackle, guard or center.

At the end of last season, the team knew it had no long-term answer at right tackle, and was one roll of LT Trent Williams’ ankle from an offensive meltdown. More directly, upgrading the offensive line was the team’s top offseason priority on the offensive side of the ball. It is now nearly May, the first wave of free agency has ended, the draft is over and the ‘Skins have done virtually nothing to increase RGIII’s chances of not being carried off the field again or to posture the team’s O-line to survive the rigors of a 16-game NFL season.

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