Redskins Hit And Miss Throughout The Draft

Created on Apr. 30, 2013 9:40 AM EST

Round 4, No. 119: S Phillip Thomas, Fresno State

This was the jewel of the draft; the perfect alignment of talent and need. Phillip Thomas has a very good opportunity to start at safety in 2013 and be one of the most impactful fourth-round picks of the 2013 NFL Draft. The Redskins’ primary draft need was a safety with range and an ability to provide some resistance to the tight ends that created recurring problems for an overmatched defense in 2012.

Coach Mike Shanahan and the gang ignored that glaring need in Round 2 to address a less pressing need at corner and completely disregarded it or any other area of need with TE Jordan Reed’s selection in the third. Thomas’ availability in the fourth round — a fabulous accident and a stroke of pure luck — was a bailout of D.C. proportions. When a player falls in your lap, say his name, tip your cap to the draft gods and grin like you’re a genius. That’s just how the draft works sometimes.

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