Brian Anderson

Reggie Wayne's Injury Doesn't Spell Doom For Indianapolis Colts

Created on Oct. 23, 2013 11:51 AM EST

The Indianapolis Colts are coming off what may have been their most important win since they drafted quarterback Andrew Luck. As everyone knows, Luck and his Colts took down the seemingly invincible Denver Broncos, who are led by former Colt and NFL legend, Peyton Manning. Manning didn't have to pass any torches, Luck took the torch and ran off with it. There's not a doubt in anyone's mind about the future of the Colts. They are a very dangerous team, and will continue to be for many years to come.

Something that the Colts fans aren't too happy about however, is the loss of star wide-receiver Reggie Wayne. Wayne tore his ACL during last week's battle with the Broncos. Wayne has been Luck's go to guy ever since day one, so with Wayne off the field and out of the picture, there's a huge question mark looming over the Colts organization. Who will be the guy to step up in place of Wayne? That question may be easier to answer than most people think. It's sure to be T.Y. Hilton.

Hilton hasn't been as consistent as we'd like him to be, but he has shown flashes of greatness this season. No one will forget when he blazed the Seattle Seahawks' defense for 142 yards and two touchdowns. His amazing performance propelled the Colts to a 34-28 win over a Seahawks team that's said to have the best defense in the NFL. Hilton may be the easy choice to step up in Wayne's absence, but there will have to be another player to compliment his production.

The Colts have two players who could easily fill in the void left by Wayne's injury and Hilton's call to the spotlight. Tight-end Coby Fleener leads the team with three touchdowns, and he also has 22 receptions for 235 yards. He's expected to step up in a major way. Then there's Darrius Heyward-Bey. The speedy receiver has been relatively quiet, but he will have to do more from this point on. He may not ever be the go to guy, but his speed will always be a problem for defenders.  

Wayne's injury is no doubt a devastating blow to a team that looks good enough to contend for a Super Bowl this year. Especially, after they just knocked off a Broncos team that was everyone's choice to win it all. The good news is that out of the nine teams remaining on the Colts' schedule, only two of those teams have winning records. Those two teams being the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals where the Colts find themselves on the road in both matchups.

It looks like the Colts don't have to worry about slipping out of the playoff race after Wayne's injury. The fans in Indianapolis still have every reason to walk around with their heads held high.

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