Mike Edler

Remembering Bud Adams

Created on Oct. 25, 2013 11:27 AM EST

As it is the Titans bye week, it seems like the perfect time to remember one of the trailblazers of the NFL and AFL: Titans and Oilers owner Kenneth ”Bud” Adams passed away this week at his home at the age of 90.  

Adams has many career milestones to his name other than being the notorious owner who was more than vocal in his own stadium and saw some popularity drop in his last years. Adams has done more for the game of football than most of the world knows.

Adams co-founded the American Football League in 1959 and was an original owner of one of the inaugural AFL teams, the Houston Oilers.  After 10 years in the AFL and two AFL Championships, Adams, along with the other AFL owners, spearheaded an effort to merge with the NFL. After many successful seasons in the NFL as the Houston Oilers, Adams threatened to move the team to many different locations, including Jacksonville, due to the declining conditions of the Houston Astrodome.  

Adams successfully moved the team from Houston to Tennessee in 1997 and kept the name Oilers until 1998, when they were reborn as the Tennessee Titans. Since the move, the Titans have had success in the form of multiple playoff appearances and a Super Bowl appearance in 1999.

Adams will always be remembered as one of the football minds that made the AFL and helped to mold the NFL into what it is today. He has helmed a historic franchise since the beginning and was loved and respected by most. In Adam’s time as the Titans/Oilers owner, the franchise has sent 13 players to the Hall of Fame and has 13 players in the Titan/Oiler Hall of Fame. Adams was one of the few original owners that still held an active role in their franchise and it seems fitting that the Titans have a bye week during his passing. 

A man who demanded greatness and respect deserves to have this week to just reflect on his vast achievements.

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