Jordan Michael

Remembering The Music City Miracle

Created on Jul. 07, 2013 8:54 AM EST

The Music City Miracle was a prayer answered by the football Gods.

First of all, what made Lorenzo Neal immediately hand the football to Frank Wychek? Also, why weren't any Buffalo Bills thinking about the other side of the field?

Once Kevin Dyson caught Wychek's perfect lateral, it was over for the Bills. There was a feeling that this play was going to end with a winning touchdown. Dyson had a clear lane down the sidelines, and we all knew that Dyson had wheels.

It's been 13 years since the Music City Miracle, but it's one of the best endings to an NFL playoff game, ever. The Music City Miracle is probably the greatest moment in Titans history. Not to mention, Tennessee has won only two playoff games since this infamous play.

Wychek's lateral throw was almost perfect, landing nicely in Dyson's hands. Dyson must have been beaming with confidence upon seeing that huge running lane down the sidelines that was in front of him. All he had to do was beat every Bill to the end zone, and he was one of the fastest players on the field at the time.

How about the look on Steve McNair's face after he realized that Dyson had scored? Classic. He couldn't even believe what had happened. Then, there's Bills' Head Coach Wade Phillips, who stood on the sidelines with no emotion at all. Of course, he thought Wychek's lateral was a forward pass. It was really close to being a forward pass, but it was the lateral of champions. A straight pass down the line.

No flags on the play. Nashville goes insane. Rod Johnson cries into a pillow.

The Titans crowd settled down a little during the officail review, yelling obsentities like any great NFL fan, but the home crowd was about to get the answer that they already knew was true: TOUCHDOWN!

The burst of noise from the crowd after the refferee confirmed the lateral sent chills down my legs, and still does to this day. Great play, and an even better lateral from Wychek.

The Buffalo Bills were never heard from again, and the Titans have been searching for that same type of glory ever since.

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