Evan Grossman

Report: Hernandez Arrest Warrant Drafted

Created on Jun. 21, 2013 12:49 PM EST

A roller coaster day of conflicting reports appears on the verge of ending with an arrest warrant issued for Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in connection to an ongoing murder investigation in Massachusetts. 

According to ABC News, citing a spokesman for the Attleborough District Court, Hernandez is the subject of a warrant drawn up on obstruction of justice charges citing the destruction of potential evidence linked to an execution-style shooting death. ABC reported that a warrant has been drafted but not yet issued by the court and the warrant does not include a murder allegation.

On Monday evening, the body of Odin Lloyd, 27, was discovered by a jogger in an industrial space near Hernandez’s home and not far from a car that had been rented in Hernandez’s name. According to police, Lloyd was shot in the back of the head. Published reports indicate the slain semi-pro football player may have been dating the sister of Hernandez’s own girlfriend.

Also according to reports, Hernandez, 23, was seen with Lloyd hours before he was killed. He was already questioned by police, but it has been reported by several outlets that the video security system at Hernandez’s house, which could contain evidence used the investigation, was destroyed, as was the cellphone he turned over to authorities. Sources have been quoted as saying Hernandez handed over his phone "in pieces" to police. The destruction of those key pieces of evidence are believed to be at the center of the obstruction of justice charges.

Police are also prepared to question Hernandez about why a cleaning service was hired earlier in the week to scrub his mansion, according to reports.

The mere mention of Hernandez in relation to the crime this week was enough for the manufacturers of Muscle Milk to sever ties with the tight end.

"In light of the investigation involving Aaron Hernandez, CytoSport is terminating its endorsement contract with Mr. Hernandez, effective immediately," the company said in a statement Friday.

Unrelated to the Lloyd murder investigation, Hernandez has gotten into trouble with guns in the past. In a lawsuit filed last week, Hernandez has been accused by a former friend of accidentally shooting him in the face in February during an argument. He was also questioned in a shooting investigation while he was a student at the University of Florida, but he was never charged.

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