Ryan Lacey

Reviewing the Top Five Draft Classes in Miami Hurricanes History

Created on Apr. 24, 2013 2:13 AM EST

No. 4: 2003

Andre Johnson, Houston Texans (first round, third overall)

Jerome McDougle, Philadelphia Eagles (first round, 15th overall)

Willis McGahee, Buffalo Bills (first round, 23rd overall)

William Joseph, New York Giants (first round 25th overall)

Andrew Williams, San Francisco 49ers (third round 89th overall)

Jamaal Green, Philadelphia Eagles (fourth round, 131st overall)

Matt Walters, New York Jets (fifth round, 150th overall)

Ken Dorsey, San Francisco 49ers (seventh round 245th overall)

Johnson is the epitome of a successful top-five draft pick.

The wideout has made six Pro Bowls and led the league in receiving yards twice. Injuries the last few seasons, not opposing defenses, have slowed him down.

McGahee, despite tearing his ACL during one of the most memorable nights (for all the wrong reasons) in Hurricanes history, was drafted in the first round and has enjoyed a solid career. He has rushed for more than 8,000 yards and made two Pro Bowls.

Defensive linemen McDougle and Joseph did not make the transition from college to pro successfully, becoming marginal starters on teams that needed them to be disruptive forces. Dorsey was 2-11 as a starter for the 49ers and Browns.

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