Michael Ferraro

Revis, Not Sherman, Is The NFL's Best

Created on Mar. 27, 2013 12:59 PM EST

On ESPN’s First Take, Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks continued his publicity tour, claiming he is the best cornerback in the NFL, which I believe to be false because while Sherman has had two great seasons, Darrelle Revis is a four-time pro-bowler and three time all-pro, while Sherman has only one. Sherman also has the luxury of being on a much more balanced team than Revis has been on in the past.

 While Sherman’s numbers are impressive, they don’t account for everything that goes into being a great cornerback. For example, in the 2010 season, offenses barely threw over to Revis because they were so fearful of what he could do; the cornerback’s skill and ability can’t just be based on numbers. Revis has proven he can do it all, and while he has been injured the past season, he usually has been very durable during his career. He made the Pro-Bowl four consecutive seasons 2008-201l and was a first-team All-Pro for three consecutive seasons 2009-2011.

Sherman has had a great start to his career, but he has had the benefit of the Seattle Seahawks having a great front seven and great secondary to go along with him. Brandon Browner is a shutdown corner and Revis never has had the benefit of having another great cornerback to play opposite him. Sherman and Revis have similar numbers in their first two seasons in the NFL, but Revis has been thrown to a lot less over the last few seasons. True, Sherman had 12 interceptions to Revis’ eight in two seasons, but both had one career touchdown and their stats sea-saw back and forth. Right now, I would take a healthy Revis over Sherman.

Sherman is one of the NFL’s best young cornerbacks, but he still has a lot to prove that he is the best in the league. Only time will tell whether Sherman will be as successful as Revis. It seems that both the Seahawks and the Jets are going in different directions, but no doubt this debate should be even more interesting with a healthy Revis coming back this season.

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