Michael Ferraro

Rex Says Jets Not Shopping Revis

Created on Mar. 30, 2013 10:24 PM EST

Recently, head coach Rex Ryan stated the New York Jets are not actively shopping star cornerback Darrelle Revis, which contradicts all the reports that have been coming out of the Jets camps for the past few weeks.

I think this might be part of the game the Jets are playing with potential suitors for Revis but there is a 50 percent chance that Ryan might be telling the truth. I believe the Jets will be better if they get rid of Revis for the right price but the right price might be harder to determine. The Jets have lost a lot of players in the free agency and they need to do some drastic things in the offseason for them to be competitive with the rest of the AFC East.

Ryan has rebuffed the fact that the Jets are rebuilding but no coach wants to admit because it would almost be like a death sentence for the season. The Jets just need to get better, and they are still determining if they would be better with or without Revis.

A single cornerback can’t make a team but the Jets can’t afford to lose Revis and get nothing in return for him, which is exactly what they are looking at if they don’t re-sign him or trade before next season. I know it might sound like a broken record but the Jets franchise are in a lot of trouble and something needs to be done to make their fan base excited again for this team.

I expect to hear more and more about Revis the closer we get to the draft, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets trade Revis right before or during the draft to try and get some picks. Everything is just speculation right now with Revis and it looks like this might go in any number of directions but I bet this is not the last time we hear about the Revis trade talk. The reason I say this is because Revis is the only major bargaining chip that the Jets have and they are keeping it really close to the chest right now.

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