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Created on Apr. 22, 2013 11:42 PM EST

Alabama (11)

In Alabama, however, the rate of players going to the NFL has skyrocketed the longer Saban has been there. Prior to the 2009 draft, the Crimson Tide had not had a player taken in the first round for six years; Alabama did not have a single player selected during the 2008 draft.

Since 2009, the Tide have seen 11 players go in the first round, and most have enjoyed NFL success. Perhaps the player with the greatest upside is Julio Jones (No. 6, 2011), who has caught 133 passes and scored 13 touchdowns in his first two seasons.

Best Picks: Julio Jones (2011), Trent Richardson (2012)

Worst Picks: Rolando McClain (2010), Mark Ingram (2010)

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