Matt LaPan

Schools Of Choice

Created on Apr. 22, 2013 11:41 PM EST

LSU (11)

Next on the list are two SEC powerhouses, LSU and Alabama, each with 11 first round selections. These schools share the common factor of having had Nick Saban as their head coach.

During the later years of the Saban era at LSU, only one player was selected in the first round of the draft. That player was Michael Clayton, a wide receiver who saw a promising rookie season of 80 receptions and seven touchdowns turn into a disappointing career.

LSU has gone on to produce very good NFL players since Saban left, including Pro Bowlers LaRon Landry and Dwyane Bowe.

Best Picks: Dwayne Bowe (2007), LaRon Landry (2007), Patrick Peterson (2011)

Worst Picks: JaMarcus Russell (2007), Michael Clayton (2004), Tyson Jackson (2009)

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