Matt LaPan

Schools Of Choice

Created on Apr. 22, 2013 11:44 PM EST

Oklahoma (10)

The next two schools on our list are longtime rivals Oklahoma and Texas, both with 10 players selected.

Oklahoma has developed a reputation of sending players, mostly offensive linemen, to the NFL in the first round with few blemishes.

The list of those elite prospects includes Trent Williams (2010), Davin Joseph (2006) and possibly the best player to come out of the draft in a decade, Adrian Peterson (2007). Since entering the league, Peterson has rushed for 8,849 yards and 76 touchdowns; he was the league's MVP in 2012.

However, Oklahoma has not seen a player selected in the first round in the past two seasons.

Best Picks: Adrian Peterson (2007), Trent Williams (2010), Davin Joseph (2006)

Worst Picks: Mark Clayton (2005), Andre Woolfork (2003)