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Created on Apr. 22, 2013 11:39 PM EST

USC (17)

In the past 10 drafts, USC produced more first rounders (17) than any other program, nine of whom were selected in the top 10.

Although USC has delivered some of the top defensive players players in the NFL (Troy Polamalu, 2003; Clay Matthews,  2009), its quarterbacks have not fared as well.

Three QBs were top-10 selections: Carson Palmer (No. 1, 2003), Matt Leinart (No. 10, 2006) and Mark Sanchez (No. 5, 2009). Sanchez's Jets teams had success his first two seasons, but both he and Leinart are considered to be colossal busts. Leinart has started just 18 games in his career (only seven since his rookie season), and he has turned the ball over 24 times compared to just 17 total touchdowns. Sanchez has seen far more time as a starter, but he's seen about the same success rate as Leinart, turning the ball over 89 times compared to just 80 total touchdowns.

Best Picks: Troy Polamalu (2003), Clay Matthews (2009), Brian Cushing (2009)

Worst Picks: Matt Leinart (2006), Mike Williams (2005), Mark Sanchez (2009)

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