Marco Benatoff

Seahawks-49ers Laying Down Blueprint For New Rivalry

Created on Jul. 14, 2013 6:47 PM EST

When 49ers tight end Vernon Davis suggested the Seahawks “are building the next dynasty,” something didn’t sound right. Such kind words from a rival certainly pleased the Seahawks' organization, although the nature of his words remains unknown. There certainly will not be another big dynasty capable of nearing the likes of the 60s Green Bay Packers, the 70s Pittsburgh Steelers, the 80s San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots of the 2000s.

Even if every decade before this seems to have its dynasty, today’s league — thanks to the popularity of free agency and a low salary cap — doesn’t make it easy to keep a core roster intact for long periods of time. Although there is little space in the NFL for a new dynasty, the Seahawks do have many of the assets required to build a long-term winner. 

Seattle’s young players, and relatively low salaries, allow for 3-4 solid seasons without changing the team too much. Combine that with a hunger to win — and arguably the loudest fan base in the NFL — the ’Hawks will certainly be competitors for the NFC title. Their coach, Pete Carroll, is a charismatic and serious leader determined to make the most of a young and talented group of players. His desire to win has transferred to his team, which now believes it has the potential to make it all the way this season. Carroll's calculated risks have proven right and beneficial for the future. Paired with GM John Schneider, they form a formidable duo ready to give young players a shot, trade when needed and acquire free agents.

Tom Brady’s leadership and skill characterized the New England Patriots' dynasty. If the Seahawks want a chance at being as successful as the Patriots were, they need to trust Russell Wilson to rescue games. Wilson might not be as good of a passer as Brady, but he spends precious time looking at tape and learning the game, something vital for his progression as an elite NFL quarterback.

The NFC West may well be the toughest division in the league right now and the Seahawks-49ers rivalry has surged to a new level this offseason.

San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh weighed in on the PED situation in Seattle by saying, “I’ve definitely noticed it." Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner heard that and viciously responded, "I'd put my arms around Harbaugh's neck."

The rivalry on-the-field is as strong as the one off-the-field. The reason no one managed to win at CenturyLink Field in Seattle could have something to do with how loud the stadium gets. In fact, Seattle’s famed "12th Man" will attempt to break the record for ‘loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium’ in Week 2’s anticipated match-up against the 49ers. 

No one knows for sure If Vernon Davis truly believes the Seahawks have a chance to become a dynasty, or if his intent was to shed water on a sizzling fire created by lots of offseason drama. What is certain is that this rivalry has the potential to become one of the biggest in the league.

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