Corbin Smith

Seahawks Looking 'Super' At The Break

Created on Nov. 02, 2013 3:52 PM EST

With eight games in the books and the 2013 season at the midway point, the Seahawks have lived up to preseason hype and lead the NFC West with a 7-1 record.

Many players have made key contributions to help lead Seattle to the best start in franchise history, but most of these players don't receive the accolades they have rightfully earned. Everyone knows about Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch on offense, and Richard Sherman on defense, but the roster is full of unsung heroes who have given the Seahawks strong performances to win games.

While some of these are "household" names heard frequently on ESPN and NFL Network, some of these players hardly receive a whimper of publicity and have earned recognition for their efforts. Football is and always will be a team game, and it's time to pay these players their due.

As Seattle prepares to open the second half against Tampa Bay this weekend, I proudly present to you the 2013 Seattle Seahawks All-Midseason Awards.

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