Greg Barber

Should Saints Target Talent Or Logic In First Round?

Created on Apr. 24, 2014 5:00 AM EST

Since the beginning of the offseason, the New Orleans Saints have had several players mentioned as being a possible first round target for them in the upcoming NFL Draft. There are a range of players that have been mentioned as a future Saints draft selection, but in what direction should New Orleans go?

Should the Saints choose the most logical prospect - someone who is an all-around solid player but has a relatively low ceiling - or should they go with the most talented player available? 

Today's slideshow outlines six players who have been rumored to be early targets for New Orleans. As you'll notice, there are a couple of players that have the potential to contribute early and possibly even start. However, there are also some who may only be situational players at first, but could evolve into the total package at their respective positions.

So judging from the highlights and scouting reports many of you have seen and read this offseason, how should the Saints pick this year - high talent or most logical pick?

Be sure to sound off on who you would pick for your team and why!

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