Mike Edler

Should The Titans Pursue Jay Cutler?

Created on Dec. 19, 2013 1:05 PM EST

It may only be week 16, but the Titans front office seems to have a plan in place for the coming off-season. The new regime has shown its hand early with interest in to go all in and try to sign Bears soon-to-be free agent quarterback Jay Cutler. Now it is way too early to say where Cutler will be in 2014, but what would he bring to the table?


The most important thing I can see Cutler bringing is an established veteran presence to the field and the locker room. Cutler is the last man standing from the Vince Young/Matt Leinart draft, and has had multiple years of success in Denver and Chicago. The Titans have spent two drafts now trying to find the quarterback of the future and have been stuck in mediocrity from their poor decision-making. Cutler would be a guy where you know exactly what you’re getting for better or worse. Cutler also went to Vanderbilt, so the Tennessee connections are there.


Cutler hasn’t been a world-beating quarterback that I would want to break the bank for. If I had to put Cutler somewhere in the quarterback hierarchy, I would put him somewhere around Roethlisberger and in the top 15. Cutler would demand a rather hefty contract to the tune of $18 million a year, but is that something the Titans are willing to pay  Cutler is often criticized for his lack of emotion and his injuries that don’t always appear as severe as he lets on.

Free agency 2013 was good to the Titans. If Jay Cutler is on the rader and they do pull off the biggest quarterback free agency move since Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, the Titans could be well on their way to being a more complete contender in 2014.

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