Founded In
Zaqatala, Azerbaijan

About Simurq

Simurq Peşəkar Idman Klubu, usually known more simply as Simurq, was created in the city of Zaqatala in 2005. The club takes its name for the Azerbaijani word for 'Phoenix' and the club are often referred to as 'Simurqlar' or 'The Phoenixes'. They have made a swift rise to prominence within the country. Due to various financial problems preventing them from making 'big name' signings, they have also developed a reputation for giving younger players a chance.

The 2005–06 season brought about significant success for the side, as Simurq won 19 of their 30 league matches in the country's second tier, in order to finish in 3rd place. Their performance over the course of the campaign was enough to ensure that they gained promotion to the Premier League, at the first attempt.

Since entering the Premier League, the club have endured mixed fortunes. Their best performance came in 2008-09, when they were able to finish in 3rd place in the Premier League; their highest ever league finish. As a result of this, they gained entry to the following season's UEFA Europa League, making their debut in a major continental tournament in the process. However, despite this period of relative success, Simurq have spent most of their top flight existence trying to battle against relegation. In the 2010-11 season, they finished in 11th place and would have been relegated, but for sponsorship issues preventing FK Mughan from competing in 2011-12 Premier League season.

Some of the club's most notable former players include Volodymyr Mazyar, who was a prolific goalscorer, and Elshan Mammadov, who also played for the Azerbaijan national team.

Simurq's home games are held at the Zaqatala City Stadium, also known as Zaqatala "Simurq" Stadium. The venue, which first opened in 2008, was built at a cost of around $12 million. It is currently able to seat up to 3,500 spectators.

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