Jon Coffey

Six MAC Games You Won't Want To Miss In 2013

Created on Aug. 06, 2013 4:40 AM EST

1) Nov. 12 – Ohio at Bowling Green

Heading back to the East for the No. 1 game on this list, Ohio-Bowling Green has the makings to be the best game of the 2013 MAC regular season.

Pitting two deep, experienced, evenly-matched teams against each other late in the season with a division championship potentially riding on the outcome makes this game my most anticipated matchup in 2013.

Despite lacking the defending champion Northern Illinois Huskies, this game features two of the hottest teams in the MAC, either of which will be a nightmare for whichever team they face in the conference championship (I’m looking at you, NIU).

But even if one of these teams has been eliminated from the division title hunt by the time this game rolls around, chances are that the other team still will be in the race, and neither will back down from opportunity to take the other one down.

As the preseason pick to win the MAC East, Ohio will be tested in its final road game of the regular season, and the preseason division runner-up dubbed Falcons will be the ones determining if the Bobcats have the moxy claim that preseason ranking.  

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