Jon Coffey

Six MAC Games You Won't Want To Miss In 2013

Created on Aug. 06, 2013 4:40 AM EST

2) Nov. 20 – Northern Illinois at Toledo

The week following our third-best game of the season, Northern Illinois finds itself in what should be another gem.

Traveling to Toledo for a Wednesday night game that’s already been slated to appear on ESPN2 should have the adrenaline pumping on both sides, not to mention this game may decide who represents the MAC West in the conference championship. If nothing else, Toledo will be looking for validation and a boost to their resume to help with their bowl selection.

No matter how you slice it, this game raises red flags all over the place for the Huskies. Coming off of what could be a grueling matchup with Ball State, Northern Illinois will likely have its hands full for the second straight week.

But while the schedule stars seemingly are aligned for the Rockets to upset the defending champs, Toledo will still have to be able to hang with the Northern Illinois offense that averaged 40.5 points per game during last year’s regular season. And did I mention that the Rockets will have to figure out the conference’s best closer from 2012 in Lynch? He’s why it’s so hard to pick against the Huskies.

This one could be one of those nail-biting games that comes down to which team has the ball last. But if it’s Lynch, don’t hold your breath.   

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