Henry McKenna

Stanford Wants 4.0 BCS GPA: Part II

Created on Aug. 18, 2013 5:26 PM EST

at Oregon State

Chance Of A Loss: 35 percent

Why Oregon State Will Win: Stanford’s exam week trumps all others in the Top 25 and perhaps the Top 50 football programs in the country. The academic rigors of the school often are forgotten. Oregon State gets Stanford after exam week at their place. The Beavers feature their most talented pool of defensive players in five years, including defensive end Scott Crichton.

Why Stanford Will Win: Again, Stanford is the better team. In this case, the Cardinal are far superior. Oregon State had not even picked their starting quarterback early in August, and last year's starter Cody Vaz is on the roster. The Beavers likely are the weakest of all the teams that I've analyzed in both tiers. If the Cardinal can play its best game, it will win. My percentage is betting that Stanford will not bring its A game. The players will be busy bringing their A game to the exams. The Cardinal shot itself in the foot last year against Washington. This could be a Washington-esque week.

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