Joe Coughlin

Steele's B1G Bowl Projections Too Optimistic

Created on Jul. 06, 2013 4:26 PM EST

Vizio BCS National Championship: Ohio State vs. Alabama

Truth be told, I don't like Ohio State in the title game, but I don't see anybody stopping them. 

Michigan may have the best shot in Ann Arbor in the regular-season finale, but Big Ten teams just can't stack up to the roster talent in Columbus. 

Braxton Miller and Carlos Hyde may be the two best running backs in the league, and one's not even a back. The defense also has the most talent in the league and is the most athletic, able to get the ball back to Miller and company. 

I see an unbeaten mark, a win in the Big Ten title game and by default, a spot in the national championship. Oregon and Georgia will be better teams, but have better chances of losing before bowl play. 

Good luck against Saban, Meyer!

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