Joe Coughlin

Steele's B1G Bowl Projections Too Optimistic

Created on Jul. 06, 2013 4:26 PM EST

Vizio Rose Bowl: Nebraska vs. Oregon

The 'Huskers also have eight home games. A loss is hard to find on this schedule. Maybe an early visit from UCLA or a visit to Ann Arbor mid-season. 

Taylor Martinez leads a dynamic offense back in Lincoln. The defense is the problem. It's the one that allowed 70 points to Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game. But word around town is it's showing signs of promise, which it had to. 

With so many starters remaining, however, it may not be able to stop the run. That means NU could be a problem Nov. 2, as could Michigan State on Nov. 16. Both of those games, however, are at home. 

I see one loss and a spot in the Big Ten title game. A second loss, however, puts the Huskers in the Rose Bowl for the first time as a Big Ten unit.