Taylor Williams

Takeaways From The Cowboys' Preseason Opener

Created on Aug. 05, 2013 5:08 PM EST

Some Liabilities Probably Haven’t Changed

The Cowboys pass defense, hindered by the early departure of S Matt Johnson (who’s ankle injury isn’t considered serious), ultimately surrendered 310 yards. There were several blown coverages that were mitigated by numerous drops by Miami receivers. While Dallas did a good job preventing big plays early on, the shortcomings at safety really asserted themselves in the second half.

Playing behind both Smith and Free, OT Darrion Weems was flagged for a false start and for illegal hands to the face and was beat on a sack by Miami DE Derrick Shelby. Free himself looked decent enough, but only played a couple of possessions.

Of course, these assumptions are the least telling. We knew there’d be problems at safety and offensive tackle; but these weaknesses weren’t just re-exposed on Sunday, they were strongly reiterated. The extent to which these positions improve throughout the preseason will ultimately gauge how ready the Cowboys are to enter 2013 as a complete, playoff-worthy team.

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