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Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Injuries


Date Player POS Injury Game Status Practice Status
Dec/25/2014 Bruce Carter LB Knee Probable Full Participation
Dec/23/2014 Robert Herron WR Hip Unknown Limited Participation
Dec/17/2014 Bobby Rainey RB Wrist Unknown Full Participation
Dec/16/2014 George Johnson DE Illness Unknown Full Participation
Dec/16/2014 Kevin Pamphile OT Ankle/Knee Questionable Full Participation
Dec/16/2014 Isaiah Frey CB Ankle Unknown Limited Participation
Dec/11/2014 Solomon Patton WR Foot Unknown Full Participation
Dec/09/2014 Gerald McCoy DT Knee Unknown Limited Participation
Dec/02/2014 Bobby Rainey RB Ankle Unknown Limited Participation
Nov/30/2014 Chris Conte SAF Back Unknown Did Not Participate
Nov/25/2014 Brandon Myers TE Calf Unknown Full Participation
Nov/25/2014 Luke Stocker TE Concussion Unknown Full Participation
Nov/25/2014 Major Wright SAF Ribs Out of game Limited Participation
Nov/25/2014 Evan Dietrich-Smith C Illness Unknown Full Participation
Nov/25/2014 Clinton McDonald DT Hamstring Questionable Full Participation
Nov/25/2014 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE Back Unknown Limited Participation
Nov/23/2014 George Johnson DE Foot Probable Full Participation
Nov/19/2014 Charles Sims RB Ankle Unknown Full Participation
Nov/18/2014 Lavonte David LB Concussion Unknown Full Participation
Nov/11/2014 Gerald McCoy DT Groin Probable Full Participation
Nov/11/2014 Demar Dotson OT Neck Probable Full Participation
Nov/06/2014 George Johnson DE Hamstring Probable Did Not Participate
Nov/06/2014 Kadeem Edwards OG Foot Out of game Limited Participation
Nov/05/2014 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE Thumb Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/04/2014 Vincent Jackson WR Knee Questionable Full Participation
Nov/04/2014 Alterraun Verner DB Hamstring Unknown Limited Participation
Nov/04/2014 Lavonte David LB Knee Questionable Full Participation
Nov/04/2014 Akeem Spence DT Hamstring Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/04/2014 Charles Sims RB Ankle Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/04/2014 Luke Stocker TE Hip Questionable Full Participation
Oct/28/2014 Doug Martin RB Ankle Unknown Limited Participation
Oct/28/2014 Evan Dietrich-Smith C Knee Unknown Full Participation
Oct/21/2014 Jason Williams LB Hip Unknown Full Participation
Oct/21/2014 Keith Tandy SAF Hamstring Unknown Full Participation
Oct/21/2014 Johnthan Banks CB Neck Unknown Full Participation
Oct/14/2014 Chris Conte SAF Shoulder Unknown Full Participation
Oct/09/2014 Evan Dietrich-Smith C Illness Unknown Did Not Participate
Oct/07/2014 Johnthan Banks CB Neck Unknown Limited Participation
Oct/07/2014 Henry Melton DT Calf Probable Full Participation
Sep/30/2014 Mike Evans WR Groin Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/30/2014 Bruce Carter LB Finger Unknown Full Participation
Sep/24/2014 Larry English DE Hamstring Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/23/2014 Vincent Jackson WR Wrist Probable Full Participation
Sep/16/2014 George Johnson DE Groin Unknown Full Participation
Sep/14/2014 Evan Dietrich-Smith C Back Unknown Full Participation
Sep/14/2014 Gerald McCoy DT Hand Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/09/2014 Jason Williams LB Thigh Unknown Full Participation
Sep/09/2014 Logan Mankins G Knee Unknown Full Participation
Sep/09/2014 Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE Ankle Unknown Limited Participation
Sep/09/2014 Demar Dotson OT Hamstring Unknown Full Participation
Sep/09/2014 Doug Martin RB Knee Probable Full Participation
Sep/02/2014 Chris Conte SAF Concussion Probable Full Participation
Sep/02/2014 Mike Jenkins CB Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Sep/02/2014 William Gholston DE Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Sep/02/2014 Louis Murphy WR Back Out of game Did Not Participate
Sep/02/2014 Bradley McDougald SAF Knee Unknown Full Participation
Sep/02/2014 Jorvorskie Lane FB Hand Probable Limited Participation
Sep/02/2014 Mike James RB Shoulder Probable Limited Participation
Jan/15/2014 Logan Mankins G Ankle Probable Full Participation
Dec/24/2013 Vincent Jackson WR Hamstring Unknown Full Participation
Dec/24/2013 Mike Jenkins CB Hamstring Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/17/2013 Lavonte David LB Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Dec/17/2013 Dane Fletcher LB Groin Probable Full Participation
Dec/12/2013 Orie Lemon LB Non-injury related Probable Did Not Participate
Dec/10/2013 William Gholston DE Head Probable Full Participation
Dec/10/2013 Alterraun Verner DB Groin Probable Full Participation
Dec/10/2013 Bruce Carter LB Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Dec/04/2013 Brandon Myers TE Groin Probable Limited Participation
Dec/03/2013 Vincent Jackson WR Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Dec/03/2013 Larry Dean LB Knee Probable Full Participation
Dec/03/2013 Evan Dietrich-Smith C Knee, Ankle Probable Full Participation
Nov/28/2013 Major Wright SAF Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Nov/24/2013 Mike Jenkins CB Concussion Questionable Limited Participation
Nov/19/2013 Johnthan Banks CB Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Nov/19/2013 Isaiah Frey CB Hand Probable Full Participation
Nov/12/2013 Vincent Jackson WR Knee Probable Full Participation
Nov/12/2013 Evan Dietrich-Smith C Knee Probable Limited Participation
Oct/29/2013 Keith Tandy SAF Ankle Probable Full Participation
Oct/20/2013 Akeem Spence DT Wrist Probable Full Participation
Oct/20/2013 Doug Martin RB Shoulder Unknown Did Not Participate
Oct/16/2013 Bobby Rainey RB Groin Unknown Full Participation
Oct/15/2013 Major Wright SAF Knee Probable Full Participation
Oct/10/2013 Johnthan Banks CB Illness Questionable Did Not Participate
Oct/06/2013 Brandon Myers TE Ankle Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/03/2013 Louis Murphy WR Ankle Questionable Limited Participation
Oct/01/2013 Bruce Carter LB Foot Probable Full Participation
Sep/24/2013 Vincent Jackson WR Ribs Questionable Did Not Participate
Sep/24/2013 Gerald McCoy DT Ankle Probable Full Participation
Sep/24/2013 Henry Melton DT Knee Out of game Out (Definitely will not play)
Sep/17/2013 Luke Stocker TE Hip Questionable Limited Participation
Sep/05/2013 Demar Dotson OT Back Probable Limited Participation
Sep/03/2013 Larry Dean LB Shoulder Probable Full Participation
Sep/03/2013 Garrett Gilkey T Shoulder Unknown Full Participation
Sep/03/2013 Mike James RB Eye Questionable Limited Participation
Dec/12/2012 Louis Murphy WR Hamstring Probable Full Participation
Dec/12/2012 Henry Melton DT Chest Doubtful Did Not Participate
Sep/20/2012 Logan Mankins G Ankle/Calf Questionable Limited Participation