Jeff Brubach

Target Time: Week 14

Created on Dec. 12, 2013 10:26 AM EST

2. Shane Vereen (17 week, 55 season)

Anytime a running back pops up on this list, the PPR fans in the audience scoot towards the edge of their seats. Shane Vereen turned in a monster performance in Week 14, as he caught 12 of 17 targets for 153 yards. This was an incredible game from the running back position, and was yet another big reward for patient fantasy owners who tucked Vereen away as he rehabilitated his broken wrist. Amazingly, Shane Vereen is tied for 12th among NFL running backs in targets despite only playing five games and is averaging 11 targets per contest. Those are silly numbers, and also numbers that will continue as the New England offense will be short one gigantic tight end for the remainder of 2013, as Rob Gronkowski shredded his knee in Week 14. The fantasy points parade will continue, so enjoy the ride.

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