Jeff Brubach

Target Time: Week 15 - Wright A Star?

Created on Dec. 19, 2013 9:25 AM EST

4. Dez Bryant (17 week, 135 season)

After a down Week 14 in which he was only targeted four times by Tony Romo, Dez Bryant had himself a monstrous Week 15. Dez hauled in 11 of 17 targets for 153 yards and one spectacular touchdown. While his target totals have certainly seen peaks and valleys this season, when Dez is targeted like he should be, he always produces. The public backlash regarding the Cowboys underuse of DeMarco Murray last week does create some concern that Tony Romo will spend a large portion of Week 16 handing off to his running back, but Dez is obviously still a prominent WR1 with big time potential. The Cowboys travel to Washington D.C. this week in a battle of train wreck teams, where Dez should produce once again.

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