Jeff Brubach

Target Time: Week 4

Created on Oct. 03, 2013 7:54 AM EST

A.J. Green

(15 week, 50 season): After a successful Week 1 performance in which he recorded nine catches for 162 yards and two scores, Green hasn’t quite lived up to his lofty potential. The Cincinnati wide receiver hasn’t topped 51 yards in a single week since opening weekend and most alarmingly, has caught 50 percent or less of his weekly targets over his last three games (17 catches on 37 targets). Don’t let this tidbit convince you that A.J. Green isn't still a top-notch stud of a wide receiver, because he is, but it shows us that his quarterback isn’t quite on the same level. Despite the low reception rate, Green will explode soon with this large of a weekly target total.

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