Jeff Brubach

Target Time: Week 5

Created on Oct. 10, 2013 9:29 AM EST

Other Notable Target Totals

Cecil Shorts (10) was a target hog once again, and the return of Justin Blackmon didn’t hurt his workload too much. Shorts will get tons of garbage time work again this week, as the Jags attempt to keep Denver under 100 points. Keenan Allen (9) looked great in San Diego’s Sunday Night/Monday Morning game and seems to be emerging as a nice option for Philip Rivers. Make sure he is not on your waiver wire.  While Jamaal Charles and Danny Woodhead did their normal PPR damage in Week 5, Pierre Thomas (9) was tied atop the running back target totem pole with those two pass catching monsters. Brandon Bolden (8) received a nice chunk of passing game work once again and will be a nice bye week option until Shane Vereen returns. Jimmy Graham (11) caught 10 balls for 135 yards. Of course he did. Ryan Broyles (2) continued to be an afterthought in the Detroit offense and couldn’t capitalize on the absence of Calvin Johnson. Feel free to let Broyles go. 

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