TCU QB Pachall Gets Second Chance

Created on Jul. 23, 2013 11:16 AM EST

DALLAS — TCU hopes for stability in its second season as a member of the Big 12. Year number one resulted not only in the adaption to a new conference, but adjusting to a mid-season quarterback replacement as well.  

TCU has a chance to make major strides and compete for a conference championship if head coach Gary Patterson can get his quarterback situation right. Patterson may be the most set at the quarterback position in the conference. Texas is there too and Texas Tech cannot be overlooked with Kliff Kingsbury taking over the reigns in Lubbock.  

Nonetheless, Patterson brought back last year's starting quarterback, Casey Pachall, after an early-October DWI arrest last year. The DWI arrest was Pachall's second run-in with the law and knocked him off the team indefinitely. learned Pachall was voted first-team All-Big 12 at Big 12 media days in Dallas.

Patterson almost immediately was asked why his returning quarterback was not in attendance.

"A lot of people ask me why I didn't bring him to media days. Number one, we don't know who our starting quarterback is. Two, it doesn't have anything to do with what my intentions were," Patterson said.

It is all about a second chance with Pachall. We all know college kids make mistakes, but college kids also can bounce back from mistakes.  

"Number one, just 18‑to-22‑year‑olds in particular, never have confidence with any of them on a day‑to‑day basis. All you have to have is your own, in 31 years of dealing with 130 of them," Patterson said.  

"But as far as what we're doing for a young man's life, I think it was an easy decision of understanding that we needed to get him in a place where not only for this year, but for the rest of his life, we knew we gave him a chance to be different. That was the understanding. Understand that he did everything he needed to do off the field, that he'd be given an opportunity. I think one of the problems you have in the world is it's easy to push it underneath the rug. It the easy to get rid of it, and we needed to give him hope because one of the things he lives his life around, he wants to be an NFL quarterback."  

Hats off to Patterson for allowing him to come back and have a chance. Sometimes it takes more than just a first time getting in trouble. Sometimes college kids learn after the second time.  

"When he came back in the spring, to see the color back in his face, the conversations we had that we weren't having when he left, to me, told me right away that we'd done the right thing," the 13th-year TCU head coach said. 

Patterson proved his coaching ability when he had to adapt after Pachall's suspension. He shifted running back Trevone Boykin to quarterback. The result was seven wins in a conference that was a major upgrade competition-wise from the Mountain West.  

"I knew it was going to affect our wins and losses. You had to take a guy we moved to running back and move him back to quarterback," Patterson said of the change. 

Patterson will let the two compete when fall camp begins and Pachall is appreciative of his coaches' decision to let him compete for his old job.

Said Patterson: "The easiest two answers for me to have answered and done was, number one, is just to suspend him for a couple of games and then let him come back and play, but that wouldn't have fixed the problem. Two, to have just gotten rid of him, then what we did for everything we told him in recruiting about how we cared about him, how we did something for them in their life, and how we wanted to graduate them and do it is out the window. Why should you ever believe that?"

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