Michael Saenz

Tennessee Game-By-Game Predictions

Created on Aug. 30, 2013 5:07 PM EST

Week 9 @ Rams

The return of Jeff Fisher...not exactly, but you get the storyline. Fisher won't be returning to Tennessee in week 9, but he will be coaching against the team he coached previously -- for 16 years -- for the first time. 

The Rams defensive line is nothing to play around with, but with the extra week of preparation at the hands of the Titans, they should be able to scheme around it. St. Louis' offense is pretty limited; the Titans D should be able to take advantage.

By week 9, you should start seeing the Tennessee defense hit their stride. Every aspect of this team looks like it should get better as the season progresses; their defense is no exception. 

PREDICTION: Titans 20, Rams 17 (4-4)

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