Scott McMahon

The 3 Most Underrated Lions Heading Into 2014

Created on Jun. 19, 2014 5:00 AM EST

Everyone knows the big names on the Detroit Lions roster entering 2014 - Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Ndamukong Suh and so forth. These guys get most of the publicity, and rightly so - they’re stars for a reason. However, an NFL roster is comprised of 53 players, all of whom play useful roles in filling their respective teams. As a result of Detroit's star players receiving most of the media attention, many others go unnoticed for their hard work and solid play.

For the Lions, three guys specifically stand out in this group of underrated and underappreciated players. Their contributions on the field were vital to the team last season, and should continue to be in 2014 as well. They may not be stars, but the Lions would not be where they are without these three players.

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