Drew Cathey

The 3rd Pick Of 2013 Draft: Dion Jordan

Created on Oct. 08, 2013 6:47 AM EST

Back in April, the Miami Dolphins traded up in the draft to get Dion Jordan out of Oregon. This pick became one of the moves that began the turnaround of the Miami Dolphins defense. For those of us who have watched the defense in the past few years we knew that this kid could be a great asset to the already strong Dolphins defensive line.

Through five games now it's hard to see exactly why the Dolphins went all the way up to third to go and get Dion Jordan, especially if you're looking at the box score. Jordan has only recorded seven tackles, one sack and two deflected passes so far in the first five games. These numbers are not as high as some people probably would have liked, but we must be aware of how he is being used and what this means for the Dolphins.

If you watch the Dolphin's games from beginning to end you might sometimes forget that Jordan is even on the team. This is because he is only being used on long distance passing downs or just third down situations in general. For the Dolphins, these situations have been a lot more common then they probably would like, but it puts their rookie defensive end on showcase so they and all the fans can see what he's got.

A spark is probably the best way to describe Jordan at this point right now. He seems to come up with about one big play per game, but even with that it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a positive one. In week 1 against Cleveland he recorded a sack late in the game to halt any type of comback that the Browns thought they were getting. Then there was week 2 in which he looked like he was going to take down Andrew Luck but ended up only shouldering him and allowing him to break free and run for a first down. Lastly, there was this past week against Baltimore with the Dolphins down by 10. Jordan came around the edge and tipped a pass that ended up getting intercepted and returned for a touchdown that sparked the comeback that almost lead to the Dolphin's coming out with a win.

So, what can we expect from Dion Jordan going forward? I would say that the answer is simply more. We have seen through one third of the season that he is very talented and athletic. There is no doubt he can torment quarterbacks for years to come as long as he learns to always rap them up and bring them to the ground. He is a young player who is still learning how to play the NFL game, just like some of his teammates. All we can hope is that he evolves into the player that his body says he is. At 6'6", 260 pounds with speed to go along with the size he looks like he can work side by side with Cameron Wake for years to come and maybe create a defensive line like that of the Giants a few years ago.

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