The 5 Greatest Super Bowl Plays In Redskins History

Created on May. 29, 2013 10:00 AM EST

The Super Bowl is the undisputed king of all sporting events in the good ol’ U.S.A. There have been but 47 or, more appropriately, XLVII played. Only eighteen teams have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy and just eight have claimed three or more titles — the Washington Redskins are one of those select eight organizations.

As one who is partial to the burgundy and gold, I recognize my good fortune in even being able to write this piece. Selecting the five greatest Super Bowl plays in team history is not an honor afforded to every NFL fan. In homage to my football fortuity, I’ll resist this obvious opportunity to rub the barren Super Bowl resume of other organizations in the noses of fans wearing certain team colors. I’ll be the bigger man — not because I am, necessarily, but because I have tremendous respect for the omnipotent Super Bowl gods. The ‘Skins may never win another in my lifetime, but it won’t be because of my cocky attitude.

In perusing the forthcoming list of Super Bowl plays, recognize it represents the “greatest”, not necessarily the most famous Super Bowl plays in Redskins history. The greatest plays should reflect, in my humble opinion, pivot points in deciding the outcome of the game. They are the plays that directly determined which team was awash in confetti, visited the President, earned some serious bling and enjoyed all other Super Bowl spoils. That said, the list ranges from the obvious to the obscure — except for the polygamists who’ve taken the ‘Skins as their second bride or groom. Those folks will know all of these plays well.

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