Trent Stutzman

The Colts' All-You-Can-Eight Buffet

Created on Apr. 16, 2013 6:57 PM EST

There's a No. 8 crisis in Indianapolis.

The problem arose when the Indianapolis Colts signed Matt Hasselbeck, who is slated to become Andrew Luck's backup. Both Hasselbeck and Chandler Harnish, who was on the Colts' practice squad last year as a rookie, are avid wearers of No. 8. Harnish's Twitter handle is even @CHarnish8. Hasselbeck has donned the number for all but two of the 14 NFL seasons in which he played.

With Harnish being the incumbent owner of the number, but Hasselbeck being the veteran and more well-known with it, how would they decide who gets the big ocho? The answer: this half-court shot.

According to both Hasselbeck's and Harnish's Twitter accounts, this video is 100 percent real and done on the first take.

Although Harnish lost his beloved number in this friendly dual, not all was lost. He is donating the $8,000 fee Hasselbeck is paying to Norwell High School, his alma mater. Specifically, it's going to Dollars for Scholars in honor of Heath Bumgarner, "who tragically passed on March 3rd of this yr", according to Harnish's Twitter.

Of course, a Twitter handle change is also in need now.

Harnish's feed said, "Twitter handle will be changed soon, haha it's so hard to part with it!"

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