Marco Benatoff

The Boldest Seattle Predictions On The Web

Created on Sept. 08, 2013 5:16 AM EST

 The Seattle Seahawks are going to win the Super Bowl loosing none or maybe one game this season. It’s all about the depth of the roster and that feeling of supremacy and pride that Pete Carroll has installed in the players.

Lets face it; this team is stacked in every position and doesn’t have anything to envy any other team in the league. The Seahawks will finish with the best defense in the league. Richard Sherman and his legion of boom are going to combine for over 25 Interceptions this year. The defensive line was carefully carved together to include some heavy, experienced players. Expect them to finish among the top five teams in sacks and turnovers this season.

And that’s just the defense; When Russell Wilson and beast mode Marshawn Lynch take the field, expect opposing defenses to be scared by the rattling pressure these two are going to impose. Wilson won't finish in the top five for TDs thrown because he doesn’t need to. His speed and powerful backfield opens up so many options that he’ll only throw when necessary. Lynch is not going to have the type of season he had last year, and that’s a positive if you’re a Hawks fan. Lynch ran the ball 315 times in the regular season alone. If he continues with these numbers, he would be done with football after two or three more years. Instead, Beast Mode will carry the ball a lot less giving snaps to promising rookie Christine Michael. Don’t expect Michael to surpass Lynch on the depth chart before next year.

The wide receiver unit has also improved from last year giving increased hope to the passing game. Although Percy Harvin might not see the field till Week 7, the Hawks can count on Golden Tate, Sidney Rice and Doug Baldwin to ignite the offense. The Seahawks are historically built for the run, but expect them to have more receiving touchdowns than running ones.

The Seahawks didn’t loose a single game at home last season. Why? Seattle’s fans (The 12th man) are really loud; so loud that they will (successfully) attempt to break the record for noisiest football stadium in the world in Week 2 against the rival 49ers. Opposing quarterbacks have such a tough time communicating plays to the rest of the team that they have to plan their game in Emerald City very carefully.

The Seahawks won’t have their rowdy fans backing them when playing on the road but they will manage to get important wins thanks to their depth. Their roster, built to perfection, contains a mix of new and experienced players that are heavily motivated to perform well this season.

This will be the year when the Lombardi trophy will be hoisted in Seattle and Pete Carroll will be idolized as a local and national hero for many years to come.

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