Christopher Scali

The Buccaneers Have A New Cannon

Created on Sept. 29, 2013 5:11 PM EST

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently added a new cannon to the team's roster - former University of Florida star RB Jeff Demps. Demps will be taking the spot of injured TE Luke Stocker, who was placed on injured reserve. The Bucs have been looking for a new weapon in their backfield and it looks like they have found one.

I am happy that the Buccaneers added a healthy new player to the offense as this will be one more cannon for teams to worry about. Demps boasts incredible speed and actually won an Olympic gold medal as a part of the United States 4X100 team and should also be utilized as a kick returner. This could give the Arizona Cardinals special teams unit a headache when the two teams square off Sunday.

What I truly love about Demps is that he is absolutely explosive. Once Demps finds a hole and gets in the open field, it is lights out! He is a moving train and he simply can’t be stopped. Demps can weave through defenders, find the quick edge and he can weave through defenders like a knife through butter. During his outbreak career at the University of Florida, Demps ran for 2,470 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Demps is enormously underrated. Tampa Bay has been in a serious drought in the kick return department. Last season, the Bucs were in dead last for kick return touchdowns and this season, they only have one so far. Demps should create a spark in the Buccaneers special teams unit. This may be pushing the envelope a bit but I would love to see Demps bring at least four kick returns to the house this year. Special teams plays a bigger role in winning football games than people realize at times. It is all about field position - if a special teams squad is bringing the ball out to the 35-40 yard line, the team will score points more often and the chance to win increases.

Tampa Bay really did very well with this pick up. Demps is a new factor in the Bucs offense and special teams that opposing teams must account for. I am thrilled to see him perform this season and help the Bucs win some football games. Demps has the speed, agility, outstanding cutting ability and explosiveness to really ruffle the Cardinals feathers in Week 4. 

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