Christopher Scali

The Buccaneers Ship Has Hit Rock Bottom

Created on Oct. 28, 2013 8:02 PM EST

It is safe to say that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ship has finally hit rock bottom.

This forgettable season marks the sixth 0-7 start for the Buccaneers in franchise history. Week 8's lopsided defeat at the hands of the Carolina Panthers was an absolute disgrace and saw fans holding signs saying "In the 2014 NFL Draft, the Buccaneers select…”

What does that say about the franchise? It says a lot actually.

The Buccaneers are at the point of no return. This franchise has to be saved because fans can't bear to watch another losing season. Down in Tampa Bay, there are billboards screaming “Fire Schiano" and fans are going so far as to hold bags over their heads. The Bucs have not won a Super Bowl since 2002 and have not been in the playoffs since 2010 - talk about a dry sandbar.

And things are not getting any easier on the horizon.

Tampa Bay has an intense four games ahead of them as they will play the Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons and the roaring Detroit Lions. As sad as this may sound, the Buccaneers may go 0-11 before getting a whiff of a possible win. That is not an easy schedule at all and three of the four teams are completely healthy. If the Bucs want to win any of those games, they have to stop those farcical penalties, dropped passes, missed opportunities and turnovers.

What is the solution for this sinking franchise? In all honesty, everyone should be fired from head coach Greg Schiano to the offensive and defensive coordinators to the general manager. The Buccaneers need to sink this old ship and build a new one because the one they have now is about to capsize and lay right next to the Titanic. If the Bucs continue to have seasons such as this one, they will be lucky if there is still a franchise down in Tampa Bay in a few seasons. Tampa Bay ranks dead last in the league with an abysmal 14.3 points per game. That is simply disgusting and the Bucs better get their act together sooner rather than later.  

To add more water to this sinking ship, the Buccaneers are not healthy at all and they are missing crucial impact players like safeties Mark Barron and Dashon Goldson, WR Mike Williams and RBs Doug Martin and Jeff Demps.

When will Tampa Bay once again become a fearsome opponent with a great defense? When will the Bucs again taste victory and forget the sting of defeat? It is tough to say right now.

One thing is clear though. The Buccaneers need to bail out their ship and it will take a total team effort to get it done.

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