The Good And The Bad Of Washington's Latest Outing

Created on Aug. 22, 2013 9:00 AM EST

Well, that felt a lot more like a Week 1 dress rehearsal.

In an apparent response to a preseason scheduling quirk that has the Washington Redskins playing the final three preseason games in just 11 days, head coach Mike Shanahan decided to leave most of his starters on the field for the entire first half — an approach typically reserved for the third preseason affair. The result was what you would expect from a team with designs on more than just subtle progression and moral victories: an energy level that felt like the regular season (or as close as August football can get).

Like most NFL games, Washington’s 24-13 victory (of sorts) over the Pittsburgh Steelers offered much to like and a few things to concern the discerning eye. I wasn’t at FedEx Field for the game, but I took good notes from my form-fitting recliner (hey, it’s a cheaper seat and form-fitting to my fabulous curves).

Here’s what I’m betting has Mike Shanahan smiling and a few things that will turn that smile upside down…

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