The Good And The Bad Of Washington's Latest Outing

Created on Aug. 22, 2013 9:08 AM EST

Oh, By The Way

Did Big Ben look sluggish to you? I know he’s never been fleet of foot, but he appeared really slow and his passes lacked zip. Given his size and how he has played to contact, he was never a guy that was going to age well, but he looks more “advanced” than his 31 years.

I was hoping that the national coverage of the game would provide a brief respite from the parental, my kid always does the right thing analysis of frequent ‘Skins commentator Joe Theismann. Jon Gruden proved no better. My goodness, Gruden loves himself some quarterbacks. He droned on and on about the play of Cousins and (vomit in mouth) Rex Grossman. And while Pat White was playing, he remarked, “The zone read is a way of life in Washington.” Well, if so, Chucky, White should be the backup quarterback, right?

Oh, and speaking of White, considering he wears No. 5, is fleet of foot and maddeningly inaccurate with the ball, is this what Shanahan expected from a cardiovascularly fit Donavon McNabb? Just asking…

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