Christopher Scali

The Josh Freeman Era Officially Over In Tampa Bay

Created on Oct. 04, 2013 10:12 AM EST

Unfortunately for Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman, his ship has finally sank to the bottom of the bay. Did the Bucs and head coach Greg Schiano run Freeman out of Tampa? Well since the season started, there were rumors, accusations, headlines and the fingers were all being pointed at Freeman. I personally think this was not a mature way to end a five-year relationship with your quarterback. Every franchise quarterback has rough patches during his career, but Freeman was part of a sinking ship. His head coach, teammates and management turned against him. This past Monday, the Buccaneers coaching staff told Freeman not to attend the team meeting - what is the deal with that? Freeman was still a part of the Buccaneers and he should have been allowed in the meeting. You do not degrade a teammate like that as every organization should be setting a professional example.     

The big question that is sailing around is where Freeman will end up next. Will Freeman be a starting quarterback elsewhere and ultimately take his new team to the playoffs or will he ride the bench from here on out? The drama has not come to an end. Buccaneers general manger Mark Dominik contacted all 31 other teams in attempt to trade Freeman before his release. But with tensions rising in the locker room, the Bucs decided it was time to make Freeman walk the plank.   

With all of this dirty laundry flying around, it is tough to say who should have the finger pointed at them. All we know at this point is that a franchise can’t win football games with any of this drama going on. Hopefully, Freeman finds a team going into Week 5. The team that probably needs him the most is the Jacksonville Jaguars, who do not have a reliable quarterback situation at all. The Jaguars need someone to step in and fill that void on the roster. Freeman just needs a brand new team and a fresh start to get back on track. If the Jaguars do not sign Freeman, my next guess would have to be the Oakland Raiders. The big question with this, however, is how deep into their pockets teams will go to give Freeman a shot. Tampa Bay suffered at $6.2 million dollar bath and gave Freeman his remaining salary, and he is free to sign with any other team in the league.

To put the final nail in the coffin, Freeman threw for 13,534 yards and 80 touchdowns during his time in a Bucs uniform and is surprisingly the franchise leader in career touchdown passes. Will rookie QB Mike Glennon be able to surpass those stats one day? The Freeman era had to come to an end and sadly, it happened in a very ugly way. It is time for a change and the Bucs needed a fresh start of their own going into this bye week. It is time to win football games and keep the postseason dreams alive. It is time for a new face under center! The Glennon era will truly begin against the Philadelphia Eagles. Raise the sails and get ready to fire the cannons!

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