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The New England Patriots: Injury Report

Created on Sept. 28, 2013 1:18 AM EST

TheNew England Patriots are set to play the Atlanta Falcons (week four, Sept. 29) and have 12 players that are either definitely out, listed as questionable and some that just fall under the probable/don’t hold your breath category.

While most of the press attention falls upon trying to figure out when Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski are going to be back on the field, the fact remains that the New England Patriots are in a very fearful but still quite exciting state.

The old go-to players from years past are gone; wide receiver Wes Welker has moved on to the Broncos and everyone knows about the Aaron Hernandez case so there is no point going into that. This year presents new challenges; there are a huge amount of rookies, the dynamic isn’t fully established and everyone keeps getting injured.

Obviously you do not want to players to come back before they’re ready and if they do, there is always the risk of acquiring additional injuries. However, the unity and cohesion that is needed to turn the New England Patriots back into an untouchable team will most certainly be defined out on the field. As that mojo is being worked out, the last place that an athlete wants to be is on the bench.

The good news is that it’s still incredibly early in the season and there is time for everyone to heal and to figure out which dynamic works best out on the field.

Definitely Out:

Matthew Slater – WR – Out With A Wrist Injury

Still Questionable:

Rob Gronkowski – TE – Back/Forearm Injury

Danny Amendola – WR – Groin Injury

Kyle Arrington – CB – Groin Injury

Brandon Bolden – RB – Knee Injury

Sebastian Vollmer – OL – Foot Injury

Nate Ebner – DB – Ankle Injury

Leon Washington – RB – Thigh Injury

Will Svitek – OL – Knee Injury

Listed As Probable:

Vince Wilfork – DL – Foot Injury

Jerod Mayo – LE – Ankle Injury 

Zach Sudfeld – TE- Hamstring Injury

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