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The Uruguayan Mourinho

Created on Feb. 01, 2014 9:22 PM EST

Jorge 'Tito' Goncalves is as cheeky as “The Special One.” Goncalves went from being the youth coach of Penarol to first team manager. When Diego Alonso was shown the door after repetitive losses, Penarol thought the best replacement would be someone within the club such as Gonclaves. Bringing in an outside manager to Penarol was discarded as it was thought to be a bad move in the midst of the Apertura.

Tito’s presence was expected to bring change but Penarol finished the Apertura in eighth place. The change in the management position was not reflected on the pitch. Despite Penarol’s disappointing performance with Tito as the manager, Penarol managed to win El Clasico. Reassuring Tito he would be given an opportunity to demonstrate his ability managing Penarol during the Clausura.

A week until the Uruguayan Clausura kicks off and Goncalves was shown the door. During the pre-season, Penarol participated in two summer trophies, the Bandes Cup and Antel Cup. The summer trophies totaled four matches and two Clasicos. Penarol lost both Clasicos and did not managed to win the other two matches in normal time.

The results of the pre-season matches sprung worriedness among Los Manyas. This resulted in a management change with Fossati to take on the role of the manager. Unlike Tito, Fossati has experience and has already been champion with Penarol as the manager back in 1996.

Fossati will now be the third change in management for the 2013-2014 season. If Penarol continues the disappointing performances it may be questioned if the change needs to come within the squad but not in the management position.

During Tito’s time managing Penarol he was controversial in the way he addressed the media resembling Chelsea's Jose Mourinho. In the Copa Antel, for the summer Clasico, a fight broke out between the two rivals. The fight started because Penarol's Carlos Nunez kicked one of the rival players. During the post-match press conference, Tito was asked if he was going to take any actions with the players that were involved in the fight. He responded in an ironic and comedian tone, “We are going to give them a spanking. If I have something to talk to the players about I will discuss it privately."

During the Apertura, when the Clasico was coming up Tito told the media, “In Penarol, it has to be normal to win the Clasicos.” However, on the contrary after losing the pre-season Clasico Tito said, “Having a summer trophy in El Palacio does not worry me and it would not give me any pride winning it.”

Before his departure, Tito was asked if he knew about any of the goalkeepers the media was circulating that would arrive at Penarol. He responded, “I have been told about so many names that in any moment I am going to put on the gloves.”

In the way Tito handled the media during his time as manager of Penarol, there is a clear resemblance with Mourinho: snarky, cheeky, ironic and comedic. But we will never know if Tito could have resembled the winning form of the "Special One."

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