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The Waiver Wire Matinée: Volume 11

Created on Nov. 19, 2013 10:03 AM EST

This crazy season of NFL football continues, as fantasy owners get ready for Week 12 of the season. The playoffs are just two weeks away for majority of leagues, and it is time to solidify your rosters for your playoff run.

I welcome you to Volume Eleven of The Waiver Wire Matinee. There is no need to be saving your waiver priority at this point in the season, and you need to go out and build as much depth as possible for the finals weeks of the fantasy regular season. Best of luck to everyone and make your moves wisely.

Next to each name you will find a rating from 0-5 stars, and the rating exemplifies the priority you should place on this pickups during the respective week.

5 Stars: Must-own player.

4 Stars: Strong acquisition and room should be made if possible.

3 Stars: On the radar and worth consideration.

2 Stars: Borderline droppable players, rostered in deep leagues.

1 Star: Barely worth calling a roster filler.

0 Stars: Drop immediately.

Suspense: Stay On The Edge Of Your Seats

Matt McGloin (2 Stars) – Nobody really expected much from McGloin in his first start this season, but he didn't fail to impress. The Raiders were able to knock off the Texans with the absence of Terrelle Pryor and Darren McFadden, and McGloin was a big part of it. He threw for three touchdowns in the winning effort and is going to make it very difficult for the Raiders organization to switch back to the struggling Pryor upon his return from injury. He is still nothing more than a QB2, but could be worth the add in very deep formats and 2QB leagues.

Thriller: Big Play Potential

Marquise Goodwin (3 Stars) – Goodwin was able to produce the best game of his young career on Sunday in the absence of Stevie Johnson and Robert Woods. Goodwin was the favorite target of E.J. Manuel, and hauled in six receptions for 81 yards and a touchdown. That gives him three touchdowns on the season, and it is looking like he is much more than a big play threat. It is going to be very difficult for the Bills to overlook this performance and not try and get Goodwin more involved in the offense. He is way too explosive and has proven he is capable of turning the opportunity into production. Goodwin isn't an option you can fully trust just yet, but he could be a great flex option in the fantasy playoffs if the Bills start utilizing him more.

Mystery: Will The Success Continue?

Delanie Walker (3 Stars) – It finally looks like a second favorite target for the Titans has emerged. Walker was second in targets behind Kendall Wright on Sunday, and was able to turn those into nine receptions for 91 yards and a touchdown. With Kenny Britt basically rendered useless this season it was only a matter of time before someone stepped up behind Wright. Walker should continue to see consistent targets each and every week, and he looks like he has already gained the trust of Ryan Fitzpatrick. I see Walker as a solid TE2 with upside if he continues to get the looks. I wouldn't hesitate going after him if you don't have a TE2 or could use an upgrade.

Drama: Watch As It Unfolds

Michael Floyd (4 Stars) - We are finally starting to get a taste of what we thought was going to happen for the Cardinals heading into this season. Carson Palmer looked like the gunslinger of old on Sunday, and it paid dividends for Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald. We have been waiting for a breakout game from Floyd all season, and his six catches for 193 yards and a touchdown was very promising. The Cardinals are in the thick of the playoff hunt, and I expect them to keep swinging each and every week. This isn't the team of old that just fades away from fantasy relevance as the season progresses. I would make sure you have Floyd locked in as a solid WR3 moving forward.

Action: The Workload Will Be There

Donald Brown (3 Stars) – It is time that we just forget about Trent Richardson being a first-round fantasy draft pick, because he just isn't going to produce like one. It is basically at the point that he is droppable in redraft formats, and Brown is a big reason why. The sluggish TRich has allowed Brown to look much more explosive than he has in previous years, and has allowed him to be productive against defenses not ready for the change of pace. Brown not only had 14 carries to eight for Richardson on Thursday, but he was able to accumulate 80 yards and two touchdowns. Brown is going to be the more promising Colts running back moving forward and needs to considered as a RB3/Flex.

Horror: Be Afraid

Montee Ball (2 Stars) – Knowshon Moreno owners were not happy campers on Sunday night as they watched Ball vulture two touchdowns away from Moreno. It didn't look like Ball wasn't going to see much work after an early fumble, but the Broncos continued to throw him out there and he managed to steal touchdowns away from Moreno in the two best scenarios deep in the red zone. I am still not buying too deeply into this, because Moreno still had 27 carries to eight for Ball, and it is well known that Moreno is the more blocking back. It isn't like Moreno hasn't been getting it done this season, it was more of a change of pace. I would be very hesitant to trust Ball even as a flex option moving forward, because he will be very dependent on touchdowns.

Chris Ogbonnaya (1 Stars) – The Browns running game has been a fantasy wasteland this entire season, and I don't expect this to change any time soon. The signing of Willis McGahee excited a lot of people rushing to the waiver wire, but that hype quickly fizzled out. Ogbonnaya had a very strong game rushing, but only had eight carries. He was able to haul in six receptions as well. Fozzy Whittaker was also productive in the passing game, but only saw four carries. It just looks like this is going to be a very unknown facet of the offense as far as touch totals and I don't want any part of it. I would advise everyone to just stay away from this situation in general.

Independent Stream: Not The Big Name, But Worth The Look This Week

Minnesota Vikings Defense (2 Stars): The Packers played a very sloppy game of football this past week, and there is no reason to expect them to do any different against the Vikings this week. Without Aaron Rodgers the Packers offense just doesn't look capable of playing a turnover free game and I expect the turnovers to be abundant this week as well. The Vikings are not a unit I would recommend as the season progress, but they are a potential Top 10 option this week.

Box Office Bomb: Hopes Were High, But The Points Were Low

Brian Leonard (1 Stars) – There was a lot of scrambling by the Mike James owners this week to find the right replacement for the Buccaneers running back. It looked like Leonard was going to see the majority of touches from the week prior, but it was Rainey who emerged as the go-to back for the Bucs. After the 30 carries and monster game, you can all but write off Leonard at this point. Rainey is the superior talent and much more explosive player. I would say it is time to cut ties with Leonard if you picked him up last week.

Blockbuster Of The Week: Must-See And Own

Bobby Rainey (3 Stars) – It looks like that timeshare perception between Rainey and Brian Leonard is already news of the past, because Rainey exploded on Sunday with 163 yards rushing and two touchdowns on 30 carries. He was able to add two receptions and a receiving touchdown. Mike James was able to fill-in well when Doug Martin went down earlier in the season, and it looks like Rainey may be a solid asset with the loss of James. Rainey looked very explosive and was able to make of the best of his opportunity. The Buccaneers are on a two-game winning streak and look to have a sense of passion that was missing early in the season. Rainey is going to be a flex option moving forward with plenty of upside if his touch total stays in this area.

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