Three Games Remain For McCarron's Heisman Push

Created on Nov. 21, 2013 7:30 AM EST

AJ McCarron has meant everything to the Crimson Tide team this year and during his entire collegiate career that began in 2009.

McCarron is maybe the most important player Nick Saban has brought in during his Tuscaloosa tenure.   

Many Alabama fans have called into radio shows pleading their case for McCarron winning the Heisman Trophy. Three national championships, two SEC championships and solid stats still do not place the senior quarterback as the front-runner in the Heisman race. McCarron does not even have a strong hold on second.

Thee stats of Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel trump McCarron's trophy case. Manziel should surpass his 47 total touchdowns from a year ago. Winston has scored 31 total touchdowns and is just shy of the 3,000-yard passing mark, but his best attributes are not stats.

McCarron's numbers are not bad (21 total touchdowns this year and 73 for his career against only 13 interceptions). He's gone from playing a key role on Alabama's scout team as a redshirt freshman to beating out Phillip and Blake Sims for the right to lead the Tide to championships. Manziel had an unbelievable redshirt freshman season a year ago and is still being a game changer this year. Winston has come on to the college football scene in the same capacity this year.   

Unfortunately for McCarron, the Heisman Trophy is not a career achievement award. But a 2013 championship run and the quest for a three-peat would only happen this year if McCarron is able to stay healthy. In order for McCarron to make a last minute push for the sports most prestigious individual trophy, he needs to put up stats against Chattanooga on Saturday and leave Auburn victorious. Then there is the SEC championship game, but will these three games be enough?  

If there was any time to consider career achievement as a factor towards the Heisman Trophy, it is now. Colt McCoy did not win the career achievement argument when the Texas quarterback's career couldn't overcome Mark Ingram's 2009 single-season accomplishments. The chance for three consecutive national championships is four wins away and college football may never see this again.  

From a redshirt freshman leading the practice squad in 2009 to Greg McElroy's backup in a 10-win 2010 season to a potential three-year national championship starter, AJ McCarron is worthy of the 2013 Heisman Trophy.  

Manziel already has his trophy, Winston should be destined to win one during his college career, and McCarron has earned and deserves the right to be accepted into college football's prestigious fraternity. Heisman voters should keep that in mind before sending in their vote.

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