Frank Tigani

Frank Tigani


Frank Tigani was born and raised in Australia, but being of Italian heritage was drawn to the delights of Italian football from a very early age. However, it was only whilst studying that he decided to pick up football writing starting out with a blog dedicated to AC Milan.

In what started as a hobby to fill the time while studying and travelling across Europe soon developed into a fully-fledged occupation.

Frank has gone on to write for as a news reporter for whilst has has also contributed to other FOX Soccer and InBedWithMaradona over the years. He now writes for the Italian football magazine, Soccer Italia, and one of North America’s most popular magazines, Soccer 360, in addition to writing a weekly blog for Football-Espana.

Currently residing in Madrid, before moving from Australia Frank appeared as a European football expert on Perth Radio Sport startion, SEN, while he covered Italy’s progress to the Euro 2012 final on Sports Tonight Live.