Jeff Brubach

Tight Ends On New Teams

Created on Jun. 26, 2013 9:07 PM EST

As June draws to and end and the promise of training camps and preseason games rolls ever closer, no position in the fantasy football game is in flux quite like tight end. Before a single training camp strained hamstring has been suffered, this single position has a laundry list of issues that will only get more complex as fantasy draft season nears. With the perceived “leaders” of the tight end position either in surgery (Rob Gronkowski) or being denied bail (Aaron Hernandez), fantasy owners must firm up their grasp of value that the position offers before deciding whether to splurge on a big ticket item like Jimmy Graham or lurk quietly in the wings before snagging a player like Jermichael Finley. One place for fantasy aficionados to look for potential tight end value is with players that are in new environments for the 2013 season. Offseason changes in team, and most importantly scheme, can significantly impact the fantasy fortunes of players and the tight end position has plenty to offer in that department this season. Strap on your hard hat and let’s check out four tight ends that have popped up in new locations for the 2013 season:

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