Jeff Brubach

Tight Ends On New Teams

Created on Jun. 26, 2013 8:35 PM EST

Brandon Myers, New York Giants

Brandon Myers had a fantastic 2012 season in Oakland and essentially came out of nowhere for his successful fourth year. Prior to the 2012 campaign, Myers had only 250 receiving yards to his credit over three years in Oakland and was an afterthought in fantasy football. With 79 catches, 806 yards and four touchdowns, Myers became a TE1 option and now finds himself a part of a new offense as a member of the New York Giants.

How will Myers perform in the Big Apple? To get an idea of his potential, we can analyze the 2012 season of Giants tight end Martellus Bennett, who has moved on to a new team himself (more on that later). Bennett and Myers are somewhat similar players in that they won’t be splitting safeties on seam routes or making defenders miss in the open field. In 2012, Bennett averaged 11.4 yards per catch to Myers 10.2, which left both players out of the NFL’s Top 14 among tight ends. Myers was the recipient of 105 targets in Oakland last season, and Bennett saw 90 with the Giants. For a quick exercise in projecting Myers’ 2013 season, assume Myers receives the same 90 targets from Eli Manning in 2013. If Myers replicates both his 75 percent catch rate and 10.2 yards per reception average, he is looking at 68 catches and 689 yards receiving. A season of that caliber would keep Myers in solid TE1 territory (depending on always fluctuating TD totals), but it’s safe to say Myers won’t replicate his gaudy yardage totals of 2012.

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