Jeff Brubach

Tight Ends On New Teams

Created on Jun. 26, 2013 8:35 PM EST

Jared Cook, St. Louis Rams

Jared Cook spent four seasons in Tennessee as a perennial “high upside” tight end selection in fantasy drafts. However, after his four year term was up and the big fella left office, his stat line had never quite reached the upside that fantasy owners desired. In an offense troubled by poor quarterback play with the lagging development of franchise (potentially) quarterback Jake Locker, Cook never cracked 50 receptions or 800 yards receiving in a single season and is the proud owner of only eight career touchdown catches.

The 2013 season, however, will be a much different story. Cook has moved on to greener pastures in St. Louis with a young Rams offense that is poised to make great strides with the addition of Cook and a slew of youthful receivers. As a Titan, Cook only once played in an offense that finished in the top half of the NFL in passing yardage per game (Tennessee was 12th in 2011) and is now part of a Rams team that looks fully ready to ascend into the top echelon of passing offenses. The improvement in offense alone will create more opportunity, but as Joe Lyons from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, “Quarterback Sam Braford and new tight end Jared Cook seem to be clicking” in offseason OTA’s. 2013 will finally be the season that Cook delivers on his promising level of talent.

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